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Data Source Schema
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Data source schema is the information about all the tables and fields in your data source. It's created automatically by InsightBase when you connect your data source and can be refreshed by you when it changes.

Editing your data source schema

  1. Select "Data Sources" in the left sidebar

  2. Select the data source you want to edit

  3. Go to the "Schema" tab

You will see a list of tables in your data source

Tables and Fields

Unselecting a table or field

If you unselect a table/field, it will be completely excluded from our system, and ignored in all the queries. Our system will simply not be aware that such a table or field exists. This can be useful in a few ways:

  1. It allows you to hide information that is not relevant to you

  2. It allows you to hide sensitive information that would wouldn't want to be queried by anyone

  3. It improves the accuracy of our system

We highly recommend you go through each of the tables and fields and unselect the ones that you don't need.

Table/Field Descriptions

You can specify a description for every table and field. This improves our system accuracy as well because it's able to understand your database better.

We highly recommend you provide a description for all your fields and tables, especially when they are not named properly for one reason or another.

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