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Getting Started with Data Sources
Getting Started with Data Sources
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It goes without saying that everything starts with data sources, you can use InsightBase only if you connect your data source to it, which usually is a database, but sometimes we make some exceptions.

Supported data sources

Here's the list of data sources supported by InsightBase:

  1. MySQL

  2. PostgreSQL

  3. MongoDB

  4. Airtable

We plan to add more database support in the future, but for now, these are the only data sources you can use with InsightBase

Data Source Schema

When you add a new source to InsightBase, we fetch your data source and build a schema - a list of tables and fields so that we can understand the shape of your data.

You can add metadata to your schema, a little bit of information so that our system can understand better your data source, and give you more accurate results.

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