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Create an Entity

Create your first Entity

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In order to create a new entity, click on a Project in the left side menu, and then click "Entities".

Once on the "Entities" page, click the "+ Create Entity" button on the top right side of the page

On the new page, you have to select a few options:

  1. Data Source - it's the data source of your table.

  2. Table - the table that you want to associate this Entity with. Each Entity has to be associated with one table.

  3. Entity Name - the name of your entity, as you would name it in a database (usually small-case, with no spaces). It is used to uniquely identify this entity.

  4. Display Name - the display name of the Entity, as it will be shown to the user in analysis, and everywhere else. Use a friendly name that's going to be easy to understand.

  5. Description - describe this entity to offer more context to your colleagues.

Once you create an entity, you have to add a few fields. Please read the next section for more details about entity fields: Entity Fields.

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