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Connecting your Data Source
Connecting your Data Source
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Connecting your Data Source takes just a few minutes, and you have to do it only once. Here are the steps you have to take:

  1. Click your organization

  2. On the left sidebar click "Data Sources"

  3. On the top right corner, click "Create Data Source"

  4. A modal will open where you will have to fill in your data source connection info

  5. A drawer will open

  6. Select the data source type you want to connect

  7. Depending on the data source you select, you will be asked to enter the connection details. You can get your connection details from your database hosting provider.

  8. Click the "Save" button

  9. Wait for InsightBase to build your data source schema

  10. Once it's ready you can either edit your schema, or click save to proceed without configuring your data source schema.

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