What is InsightBase

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InsightBase is a Business Intelligence tool that allows you to analyze your database data using Artificial Intelligence.

In other words, you can query your database using natural language, and think of it as your own personal data analyst available 24/7.

How InsightBase can solve your problems

There are countless ways in which InsightBase can help you. Here are just a few of them

  1. Track your KPIs: Whatever key performance indicators you have, InsightBase can help you track them, share them with your team, and keep you updated with them.

  1. Product Development: Analyze your data, track trends, see how your product is used, and make better decisions.

  2. Customer Support: InsightBase makes it extremely easy to get the data you need. Things like how many orders a customer has, what's the status of the last customer order, or what's the status of the last shipment for specific customers are very easy to answer.

  3. Product Analytics: Discover how your customers are using your product, and whether they're using your product to the fullest potential.

  4. Business Analytics: Whatever is important to your business, is usually contained in your data. By connecting your database to InsightBase, you can easily understand and extract the data that's important to your business.

Data Monitoring

InsightBase can also help you keep up with your data, and stay up to date with what's important to you. You can get Slack notifications whenever your data changes.

How InsightBase works

The first step is to connect your database. Once you connect your database, you can start asking questions and get the results you want, it's that simple.

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