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Projects, Dashboards, & Widgets Overview
Projects, Dashboards, & Widgets Overview

The organizational basics, and how to structure your data in InsightBase

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In this article, you'll discover the overall structure of InsightBase, so that you can understand how everything works.


The organization is what holds everything together - projects, members, dashboards, etc, each organization you create has its own members, and billing plan.


Projects are a level of separation for your organization. Your organization could have multiple products or projects, and you can separate them by creating separate InsightBase projects.

Each project has its own dashboards, ask page, and default data source.

Ask Page

The "ask" page is where all the magic happens, where you ask questions and get responses.


Widgets are responses to your questions that are saved by you so that you can see them later.

Widgets are very helpful because they allow you to quickly visualize the information you want without having to answer the same question over and over again, here are just a few useful widgets features:

  1. Auto refresh - they can auto-update in the background so that you can see the fresh information when you need to

  2. Manual refresh - you can click a button and have the widget update so that you can see the up to date information

  3. Alerts (data monitoring): you can create alerts and get Slack notifications when your data changes

  4. Visualization Type - you can change how your widget is presented depending on the widget type

  5. Download (for supported widgets) - you can download the data as CSV of JSON


Dashboards are a bunch of widgets grouped together and presented in a dynamic layout controlled by you. You can create new widgets, move them around the dashboard, resize them, and even remove them if you want.

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